The Fragility Of Innocence

by Salander

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kadees thumbnail
kadees This Album is an engrossing mix of Devin TOWNSEND quirkiness and Peter GABRIEL story telling. Favorite track: Race Against The Machine.
Russell Whyman
Russell Whyman thumbnail
Russell Whyman My first exposure to Salander. They have quite an extensive catalogue.

Progressive music which builds atmosphere while telling a story.

I have a feeling this may not be the only Salander album I'll buy.
paul rote
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paul rote Prog at 76¢ . This is good. I just need to be in the mood .recommended ! Favorite track: Evil Doctor.
Hyle Troy
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Hyle Troy omg: wonderful work !
So to Sleep made me cry Favorite track: And So To Sleep.
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released March 2, 2015

Dave Curnow – Vocals, Synths, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Dave Smith – Guitars, Bass, Mellotron, Organ, Piano, Synths, Loops, Vocals
Frank Urbaniak – Drums ( tracks 2,6,9 )
Nihal Eleftheriou - Vocals ( tracks 1 and 6 )

Produced By Salander

Mixed and Mastered by Dave Smith

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Gästrummet Studios. Stanley, County Durham. England

Frank Urbaniak appears courtesy of Fractal Mirror

Special Thanks and a warm tip of the hat to:

Frank Urbaniak.George and Nihal Eleftheriou. Brad Birzer, Henri Strik. Hyle Troy. Paul Grunhill. The Mighty Tasos .
All of our friends in the Prog’n’Roll shoutybox (play no.4 !).
Last but not least, Harry the Studio Cat!

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or organizations, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
© Salander 2015



all rights reserved


Salander UK

Salander are Dave Smith and Dave Curnow who make progressive rock music and hail from Durham in the UK.
We pay homage to the past whilst embracing the future

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Track Name: Aldri Sakleysi Er Farinn
“It's said that science will dehumanize people and turn them into numbers. That's false, tragically false. Look for yourself. This is the concentration camp and crematorium at Auschwitz. This is where people were turned into numbers. Into this pond were flushed the ashes of some four million people. And that was not done by gas. It was done by arrogance, it was done by dogma, it was done by ignorance. When people believe that they have absolute knowledge, with no test in reality, this is how they behave. This is what men do when they aspire to the knowledge of gods.”
Track Name: Cold Icelandic Winter
Góða nótt elskan mín
The covers tucked up tight around your head
Your arm holding Teddy tight within
To keep you safe and warm all night in your bed

I kiss your cheek and turn out the light
Outside the wind is blowing the snow around
I think there will be a storm tonight
But I will keep you safe and warm

I look outside through my window
Watch the storm for a while
Then I see him coming home
Bottle of vodka in his hand
So much for a quiet evening
This is not what I had planned

The shouting starts straight away
And the dishes start to fly
He‘s so drunk he makes no sense to me at all
In the end he turns and slams the door

Then I feel your soft hand shaking in mine
You must have watched it all from from the dark
Tou lay your head resting on my shoulder
I wish you didn‘t witness this this at all

And now all through cold Icelandic winter
Each night you sit wait him to return
Warm dressing gown and those funny bunny slippers
By the fireside as we try to keep it burning
Track Name: Tomorrow Is A New Day
Outside the snow is receding now
Springtime comes around once more
I know you like to help me
Your spirits keep me going
Things look better for us
Soon the flowers are growing
You can feel the warming
Sun on your face now
Soon we will clear a path
To our door

You know the soldiers came to see us today
They say they have a nice place for us stay
It's only for a short while
Come and see the these pictures
It looks so exciting
I‘m sure that you will like it
Tomorrow is new day
Just like for a holiday
Then we will come home again
I will watch you play in the sun
Track Name: Leroy's Tale
Hey guys you remember that cute little kid
The one with the giggle and the big red hat
The one who's momma got the Sarge so mad
Coz he couldn't even get the her momma's name right

She thought my colour would come off on her hand
You said “Leroy , she just seen her first black man!
She talked all the time in that strange 'Slandic language
That sounded so weird, but we laughed anyway

Remember how she talked all the way off the mountain
She sat on my knees all the way
There was her and her momma and that boy with Downs
His mom didn't have much to say

You know I think of that kid every day
She sure put a smile on my face
You know I think of that kid every day
I hope she will be okay

You remember the legs of the chick at the drop off
I think she smiled as she led them away
That place looked so good, like a five- star hotel
I'm sure that kid 'll be happy there

The one thing that bugs me is what happened
The kid left her hat behind in the truck
Was the way that the chick looked down on me
When I asked her to make sure she got it back
Track Name: Internal Doors
Momma, isn't this wonderful?
See how they made this room
It is so clean
All this marble and paintings
And all these people
So smart in corporate perfection
Teddy likes it here

Silja sit there
While this lady completes all the paperwork
In a moment she will take us to our rooms
Like I showed you
It will be so exciting,
And you know it’s only for a while
Soon we will be home
Maybe Poppa will be there waiting
Just for you when we get home..

Isn't this so exciting!
Teddy likes it here

And so, holding hands
They walk through a pair of shining doors.
Then on to a second set of doors
Beyond those, such a change.
A dark surprise.

Forced separation inside the void
Taken away to be inspected
To see if they are the right stuff
Seeking genetic perfection
Rejecting imperfection
Like that boy...... (We can't have his sort in here !)
You will give us what we need
Be the carrier of our seed
The future
The future is within you now
It is part of you
You are part of it
Do you not feel proud?
Because we are

Don't worry about your daughter
She is perfection under our protection
We need her as much as you need her
She will be the Proto-Mother
Take...stem.... cells …
A genetic genesis
Just rest and we will take what we need from you
Again and again and again and again
Track Name: And So To Sleep
Að sofa núna

Momma it’s so cold
Not like home
I can’t sleep
You feel so far away
I hear you breathing
It sounds so weak
I'm scared at night
Tomorrow is another day

I want you to hold me
Why can’t I feel you anymore?
I’m sorry
But I tried so hard
Why are you so quiet?
You feel so cold
Not soft and warm
Like my
Momma, I’m so scared
I’m so scared
I’m so scared

Momma I need you
I want to hold you
Can you hear me
Can you hear me, Momma!
Can you hear me?
I need you
Track Name: Malansky
The morning wakes me slate grey
I can't bring myself to face another day
On the floor the remains of last night’s Chinese take-away
Lying next to an empty bottle of booze

My mouth feels like a two week old pizza
And my head rings like a rusty cracked cemetery bell
But the worst thing is this feeling of deep grinding regret
At all the things I've done and the things that I might do yet

I've my own private hell
In their corporate shell
Believing fortune and fame were my aim
Now I've seen through the lies
Finally opened my eyes
I can't live with this shame

Now when I hear genetic mechanics
Or that phrase Purity Dynamics
I need to close my eyes before I scream this is murder
What have I done to that woman
And her cute little daughter
Is this me or the monster that I have become

All these lies and the pretence
Of the Corporation's defence
That go on behind the shining clean walls
The Benefactors pull all the strings
They and all their corporate underlings
In shiny suits and shiny shoes stomp over everything

And all the well-heeled of all nations
Are lining up to grab at their salvation
Cut out from the bodies of ordinary people
When all around the world is going to hell
Why do we let the selfish ring the bell
And climb to the top of their heap of corruption

And that ambitious bitch of a colleague of mine
She doesn't seem to care about anyone
Or anything that gets in her way
These are people with lives and feelings
They are not steps on her shining ladder
The only thing she cares about is herself

This had got to end, I have to stop it all
Swallow my pride and take the fall
Try to find some way to make amends
For all these things I've done
It’s got to stop now
This has all got to end
Track Name: Evil Doctor
I am so sorry to hear
About your precious Mom
Just sit right there on the bed
Don't worry your little head anymore

I'll just take a few drops of blood
I promise to take good care of you
My little ticket to fortune
What little time remains for you
Sit up there on the bed
Let me take care of you

The glory fills my mind
I don't really want you to die
But you see..
It's all in the name of progress
Think of it as...... immortality.....
Because I do !

Isn't this so exciting
The world will be at my feet
The Benefactors will open all the doors
…. to me!
Don't you see?

All we need to do now...
All you will feel is a small scratch
Just a tiny injection....
…. and then I'll let you go
Track Name: Race Against The Machine
The traffic was against him
Every green light turned to red
Every time he tried put his foot down
There was a slow car there instead
He gives a sigh as the city crawls by
As the drums played in his head

Then as the offices came in sight
He stopped the car and ran inside
Through the facades of corruption
Got to find that little child
Through corridors and revolving doors
Every delay made him wild

Grey stares looking back
From hollow eyes
Bony pointing fingers
They have taken the child
The cook has taken a beating
He tried to keep her safe
Through the blood he says
She’s with Phillips, go and get her!

Smashing through the clinic door
He hopes he’s not too late
The Bitch is standing over her
The kid strapped to the bed

She has a needle in her arm
He knows it is too late
He holds the fire extinguisher
And everything goes red

Ten kilos if water and steel
Propelled by anger and hate
Swinging in a vicious arc
Into an unprotected head

The walls accept the blood and bone
He kneels beside the bed
It’s all too late, It’s all too late
It’s all too late, It’s all to late

Góða nótt Silja Henningsdottir
Please forgive what I have done
I hope you see this world again
I hope it’s a better place by then
I robbed the world of your innocent happiness
Remember my song
By then I will be gone